The differences

The differences, by Haripada dasa

I will try to expose the differences between the materialistic people and the devotees of God or Krishna. The materialists think badly of others and you will be right, they think so because they are full of envy, fear, doubt, fanaticism, speculation, prejudice and are full of sinful activities. The devotees of God or Krishna think that if I think badly of another devotee, then Krishna will kick my head with his lotus feet just as he did with Kaliya to take out all my poison. The materialists are scammers and deceivers, a man tells a woman that I love you very much, I would give my life for you. He has sex, the woman becomes pregnant and the man tells the woman that I’m not ready to be a father and leaves. That’s where everything is pure deception. Marriage in Krishna consciousness, man and woman help one another to please Krishna and His devotees, thus creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony, the most.
The politicians, here in Spain, there is a party that says that if they sent people to retire at age 60, they know that this is not possible, but they say it so that people vote, that is cheating. Devotees of Krishna do not deceive themselves or others, they are honest people and live with a lot of inner peace because they know that everything is of Krishna. Because He has created everything, they use everything to satisfy Krishna and His devotees, and have full faith that Krishna and His devotees are my best friends. The materialists do not know how to relate to each other, because the basis of their relationships is envy.  The devotees of Krishna relate to love and trust through these 6 transcendental activities: 1.- Offer gifts as charity, 2.- Accept charitable gifts, 3.- Reveal the mind confidentially, 4.- Ask confidentially, 5.- Accept prasada or food offered to Krishna and 6.- Offer prasada. (Upadesamrita, verse 4).
The materialists criticize the devotees of Krishna saying that because they do not eat meat, fish or eggs, because they do not engage in sexual activities like monkeys, because they do not play games of chance and because they do not take alcohol and drugs. We tell them thta to pursue a life full of sense gratification is like drinking poison W have already experienced before being devotees, but now we are experiencing a higher happiness. Therefore we have had two experiences in life, one is leading a full life of complacency of the senses and the other is a life full of love and devotion for Krishna and His devotees.

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