Very strange and curious things

Very strange and curious things, by Javier Figuerola or Haripada dasa
In this life I have seen very strange and curious things, I am going to share some of them.
I heard a news that several countries have made a giant device that costs 8 billion euros to launch it into space, what a strange and curious thing, here on Earth there are so many people who are dying of hunger and these people to satisfy the caprice of scientists spend 8 billion euros.
 There are many women who enthusiastically go to countries where children are starving, and what a strange and curious thing, and those same women when they get pregnant kill their children through abortion.
And the strangest and most curious thing is that people who have a lot of money build big houses, have nice cars, a bank account with many numbers, etc., they think that they will never die and that they will live here eternally, but we can forget that we have to die, but death does not forget, death always arrives at its right moment. Once Srila Prabhupada was talking to some theologians and telling them that God or Krishna will come in the form of death and take away everything, now understand God ?, Materialists and atheists experience God or Krishna at the time of death , and the devotees of God or Krishna experience God or Krishna at every moment of their lives through devotional service to God or Krishna and His devotees.

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