Dear Srila Prabhupada,
You have made it so easy for me to understand who I am. After wondering in this universe in 8,400,000 species of life for millions of births I don’t know how I have met your disciples who taught me to give up my nonsense trying to enjoy what cannot be enjoyed. Over and over again they encouraged me not to leave your service. By your clear instructions you said over and over again If I keep chanting Hare Krishna I would reach the highest perfection of human life one day soon. When? I did not know. But the world I left behind was, is, and will always be an illusion and no one can be happy in a world that ends in old age, disease, and death.,
The Hare Krishna mahamantra is from the spiritual world and its secrets can only be revealed to one who worships the name of Krishna as nondifferent from Him. Thank you for teaching us your clear explanations in your lectures and books that is flawless and complete truth for all time. All we are to do is to simply repeat what you have already have given without any change because the knowledge is perfect and easily understood by anyone regardless of age, education, gender, and race as it is our natural constitution existence transcendental to the material world of duality.
We are all looking for eternal life, knowledge, and bliss at every moment because that is our eternal spiritual qualities. When one achieves these perfections one knows that there is nothing higher just like when all the pieces of the puzzle are present the picture becomes clear. Thank you for this causeless mercy. Krishna has to be given freely to others otherwise it is not Krishna your have. This you have proven by your own example.
This age of Kali quarrel and hypocrisy has no effect on those who follow in your footsteps because you are the direct representative of Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and his disciples. The sankirtan movement will increase for the next 10,000 years in every town and village.  
O spiritual master, this most fallen soul is a testament to your eternal glory and legacy and anyone who follows you is sure to achieves the same very soon. Knowledge of Krishna the summum bonum is proof of the mercy of Krishna.

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