Will be accepted by those who are thoroughly honest

By Isana dasa

Those who are thoroughly honest can only mean those who are actually seeking to know the truth, and are not reading for some other purpose. Those who appreciate the necessity.  Just like when there is fire in the house, those who live there, even if they cannot speak the language of the neighbor, but they need some help to put out the fire, they will make themselves understood.  Language will not be a barrier.  In the same way, one who actually wants to make a solution to the problem of repeated birth and death, such a person will not protest the message of solution on the basis of imperfect language, but will accept with gratitude.  Srila Prabhupada therefore says that presentation in so-called perfect language is not required, but that apparently imperfect linguistic presentation will be appreciated by those who are after the truth, the real solution.  Those who are changing the books disagree (surely they have read these passages), and they want to make the books acceptable by those who are not of this honest category, acceptable by those who read with some ulterior motive.  That the book changers want the books to be accepted by those who will read with ulterior motive means that the changers also have ulterior motive of gaining acceptance of dishonest rascals more than they wish to  satisfy of the orders of the acharya.  And this is their dishonesty in claiming that they are doing it in service.  Therefore both the book changers, and those who they are changing the books for, are simply the thoroughly dishonest collection of the cheaters and the cheated.