The real antisystem

The real antisystem, by Javier Figuerola or Haripada dasa
Everyone thinks that I am this body and that the goal of life is to satisfy my senses to the fullest, the real anti-system for this is that I am not the body but an eternal spiritual soul, and that the mission of human life is Know God or Krishna and go back to God.
No one believes in God, that is why it is said that the only God who does not have atheists is money, the real anti-system for this is to fulfill the vow of initiate and sing every day at least 27,648 Holy Names of God. This with practice takes an hour and a half to two.
Everybody has sex like dogs, pigs, camels and asses, the real anti-system for this is celibacy, the result of practicing celibacy is that one has a lot of body shine, health, a lot of memory and longevity.
To forget the suffering or to quench sorrows everyone drinks alcohol and drugs, and we are quite intoxicated by being in contact with matter, the real anti-system for this is to take only mineral water.
Everyone covets money and that’s why everyone practices gambling, the real anti-system for this is getting used to depend on God, after all everyone has what they deserve.
Almost everyone eats meat, fish and eggs, the real anti-system for this is to have a vegetarian diet, personally I have been using this diet since 1983 and I do not know what it is to be sick, and to spiritualize the food I offer it to God or Krishna in my temple.
After evacuating almost everyone cleans the anus with toilet paper, the real anti-system for this is to clean the anus with water, it is cleaner than the mouth, in India everyone does that.
On politics, I am fully convinced that the basis of material policy is that the members of our political party are our friends and members of the other political parties are our enemies, what is the cause of this philosophy? Ignorance and envy, how is it possible for citizens to derive some benefit from people full of ignorance and envy? If political leaders or state executives are only interested in themselves, they will never be able to look after the welfare of citizens. In Srimad Bhagavatam, 2, 3, 19 defines these politicians as donkeys, the atheistic and materialistic politician becomes entangled in many illusory occupations to elevate the position of others, as leader of political emancipation and economic development. There is nothing wrong with trying to achieve political emancipation or economic development, but one should not forget the true purpose of life, all those philanthropic activities must be coupled for return to God. It is also said in The Srimad Bhagavatam that one who is not a pure devotee of God can not have good qualities. Srila Prabhupada always said that those who fear these infernal politicians take refuge in the process of Krishna consciousness. Another point that we have to understand is that to know and love God the person must be pure and sinless, sinful people only understand that suffering is happiness.

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