Exposing the offensive changes in the so-called original Srimad Bhagavatam: The Red “not-original” Srimad Bhagavatam has so many pages,lines and verses cut off from the second and fourth cantos

compiled by yasoda nandana dasa

Hare Krishna. All glories to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.The devotees are requested to read the mail fully and not come to any conclusion just by reading anything partially.
In this email, all the lies and dubious arguments given by those who have still supported the red SB shall be completely exposed here. The so-called Srimad Bhagavatam is not even 100% pre 1978. Lots of revised editions, especially some of those from 1st to 4th cantos have been published in 1978. This was already exposed in the previous email that showed all publication years of first and second editions.
This email will be kept short just highlighting what nonsense has been done to the books. 
The previous emails showed how an approval for changing only the first 2 chapters of the first canto (Letter by Radhavallabha Prabhu on 31st Aug 1976 and a reply by Srila Prabhupada on 7th Sep 1976) was misunderstood for changing all 4 cantos with over 21000 differences that contain deletions of many lines,paragraphs and verses and reintroduction of grammatical errors at some places. 

Note: To download/print the files containing changes: Click on the above link. Then click File -> Export/Print -> Side-by-Side view respectively. (Also open the red set to see the changes with your own eyes)
Canto 1: (Over 6000 changes) Chapters 1-4: https://draftable.com/compare/UTXTvIzsNrmuChapters 5-8: https://draftable.com/compare/cupjyEEYuyGnChapters 9-12: https://draftable.com/compare/yllqQqNZSlgP
Chapters 13-16: https://draftable.com/compare/VCGEgShIgbNU
Chapters 17-19: https://draftable.com/compare/pMtvfQINaQtE

Canto 2: (Over 6000 changes)Chapters 1-4: https://draftable.com/compare/wwucNCVgfccFChapters 5-8: https://draftable.com/compare/iimgbZjLWGTkChapters 9-10: https://draftable.com/compare/VaeVzKEAplpN
Canto 3: (Over 4000 changes)Chapters 1-5: https://draftable.com/compare/WBtcORNEGUtAChapters 6-11: https://draftable.com/compare/EZtdJyOoixCDChapters 12-16: https://draftable.com/compare/WMdbAnBHPWcF
Chapters 17-22: https://draftable.com/compare/PWktcoYEdibW
Chapters 23-26: https://draftable.com/compare/zTHMikJhqgiFChapters 27-31: https://draftable.com/compare/HIsgZlxBsjPM
Chapters 32-33: https://draftable.com/compare/MFPehjhLQCun
Canto 4: (Over 5000 changes)Chapters 1-6: https://draftable.com/compare/ushTtFMkmfIqChapters 7-10: https://draftable.com/compare/AkqAwNZEppInChapters 11-16: https://draftable.com/compare/MQvlEISQSJVR
Chapters 17-21: https://draftable.com/compare/OjFXdGtBAdNz
Chapters 22-23: https://draftable.com/compare/dEfZIREardwXChapters 24-26: https://draftable.com/compare/NfFVFBiJXaSGChapters 27-29: https://draftable.com/compare/QzYaMiIksWiKChapters 30-31: https://draftable.com/compare/uNPTJpGUBUdi

Few changes are analyzed below, especially hundreds of deletions from these books since it is not possible to highlight all 21000+ changes.

(Note: We request the devotees who have purchased the 10 volume set to open the respective verses that are going to be compared below. They can see the disastrous changes with their own eyes. Please see in the 2nd and 4th canto, how so many pages,lines and verses are just cut off. With whose authorization has all this been done? There is no single letter from Srila Prabhupada to do all these revisions that shorten the books.)
For all tables: Left side contains the First print books, Right side has 1976 onwards revised editions.
The following is just a list of a few changes to keep the article brief. The links above have a list of all changes and one can find so many adulterations in these links. 
Whatever has been highlighted in pink is not present in changed books(aka red SB). So we see a lot of verses,pages and lines missing in the 2nd and 4th cantos.CANTO 2 DELETIONS:

2.3.36 P

2.9.2 P

2.9.17 P

2.9.38 P


4.27.3 P

4.27.5 P

4.27.9 P (One entire verse removed)

4.27.10 P

4.28.20 P (Content consisting of almost a page cut off)

4.28.25 P

4.29.78 P

4.31.14 P


Chapter 2, Transcendental Invitations. (Hare Krsna Explosion)

The next morning, when I go alone to see the Swami, he seems to be expecting me. Directly and simply, he begins to explain that he needs help in spreading Krishna consciousness around the world. Noticing that he has been typing, I offer to type for him, and he hands me the manuscript of the First Chapter, Second Canto, of Vyasadeva’s Srimad-Bhagavatam. 

“You can type this?” 

“Oh yes,” I say. 

He is delighted. We roll a small typewriter table out of the corner, and I begin work. His manuscript is single spaced without margins on flimsy, yellowing Indian paper. It appears that the Swami tried to squeeze every word possible onto the pages. I have to use a ruler to keep from losing my place. 

The first words read: “O the king.” I naturally wonder whether “O” is the king’s name, and “the king” stands in apposition. After concluding that “O King” is intended instead, I consult the Swami. 

“Yes,” he says. “Change it, then.”

 As I retype another paragraph, I notice certain grammatical discrepancies, perhaps typical of Bengalis who learned English from British headmasters in the early 1900s. Considerable editing is required to get the text to conform with current American usage. 

After pointing out a few changes, I tell the Swami that if he so desired, I could make all the proper corrections.

Very good,” he says, smiling. “Do it! Put it nicely.” 

Thus my editorial services begin. 

I type all morning in the room where he reads, translates, welcomes visitors, and “takes rest.” There is a tin footlocker, used as a desk, and a rug on which he sits and sometimes sleeps. Apart from my typewriter table, there is no other furniture. As I type, I hear him cooking in the kitchen, and can smell the butter being boiled to make ghee. I finish the chapter: twenty pages, double spaced with wide margins. The original had filled only eight pages. 

“Let me know if there’s any more work,” I tell him. “I can take it back to Mott Street and type there.” 

“More? Yes,” he says. “There is lots more.” 

He opens the closet door and pulls out two large bundles tied with saffron cloth. Within, he shows me thousands of pages of single spaced, marginless manuscripts of literatures unknown in the Western world. I stand before them, astounded. 

“It’s a lifetime of typing,” I protest. 

“Oh, yes!” he smiles happily. “Many lifetimes.”
Attachments areaConclusion:
We must now stick to the original books, i.e., the first edition Srimad Bhagavatam set (30 volumes).
Hare Krsna,