Rama Navami Preaching Program at Cedar Sinai Hospital

Los Angeles, California (USA) – Monday, April 18

Prabhupada anuga devotees in Los Angeles organized a preaching event at the Cedar Sinai Hospital in celebration of Lord Ramacandra’s appearance day. The event was attended by around 25 interested hospital employees and staff, according to Madhusudana Murari dasa who organized the event.

The program began with kirtan, followed by an introduction on the transcendental appearance and activities of Lord Krishna, given by Madhusudana dasa. After this, prasadam was taken while listening to a lecture by Srila Prabhupada on the topic of Lord Ramacandra’s appearance day. The guests were very receptive to the philosophy and very fond of the prasadam!




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  1. Hare Krishna. Great site for unit and cooperation. Nice to see that more people attended the Cedar Sinai program this year!

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